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In the south of Paris'XVI th arrondissment, Molitor station is located near the Lycee Lafontaine. The legend even says that you can climb down the lycee's main stair to... the station. This may be probably true, since when this building was designed, tunnels were made to the next lycee (Claude Bernard) and to the subway.
Molitor is like Haxo a dead-end, connecting the 9Th and the 10th. Numerous hidden tracks live under the Porte Molitor's narrower streets, used to park materials. No passenger ever passed this station, silently sleeping under the street.

Molitor was planned to facilitate migration to Rolland Garros (once a year at least!) and Parc des Princes, respectively tennis and football competitions stadiums (in green on the diagram). A train coming from 10th would leave from Porte d'Auteuil, stop at Molitor, loops around Porte de St-Cloud to get back to Porte d'Auteuil unless he merged with trains form the 10th.