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Haxo, a dead end station

Haxo ends a regular subway line, under the Avenue Gambetta, until it reaches Porte des Lilas. The construction of this line encountered difficulties due to instability of the ground soil. In some place, it was saturated with water coming from deep sources coming from the old St Fargeau Lake. The tunnel had to be made deeper, in the gypse The station structure itself had to be enforced with special profile.

At the end of the tunnel, the line met with the 7th, making possible a connection to Porte des Lilas. A unique track allowed this junction, including a special station, Haxo. When the first World War broke out, the work was almost done. The station was achieved on Feb. 23 1920, but the modernization, to allow passenger circulation was done later.

In between, the idea of ending the 7th at Porte des Lilas hadn't survived, considering the existence of the 3rd. Only a small shuttle was maintained from Pre-St Gervaius to Porte des Lilas, composed of 2 small Sprague materials.

Haxo was definitively useless now this shuttle worked, and the line, called "">Voie des Fetes" serves as a parking for trains. Mysterious and night visitors only had the chance to discover it, unchanged and unused since 1920! Porte Molitor station is another story that I may tell in the future, though it's a very close story!